Saturday, February 5, 2011

Power Plant and Train Industrial Shot

Driving back to the plant after having dinner. I had been watching the sunset while eating. This shot jumped out at me. I had actually driven two blocks away and did a u-turn. I softened the noise in Lightroom... not sure if I like the softer look... the image was sharper prior.


  1. Hi Bill:
    I love this photo: Can I use it in a "brochure" [11 x 17] folded in the middle print up to 250 to give the industry sector Power Generation a "face"?
    I look forward to hearing from you, as comment on this blog....

  2. Sorr for the delay. I have been looking into usage and property releases. Like a model release this is needed when using someones image. Property is such an image. My concern is that I do not have a Property Release from Rocky Mountain Power to use the image of their plant for a commercial use. Never planned on anything other than having it on my blog. I personally know several attorneys that make good money pursueing similar usages. I am not sure if this even falls under that, but, it is a concern and I don't have a solid answer yet.

    That being said, Personally I have no problem with a single time usage for the specifically noted request. I can send a higher res version (over 5 meg) if you need it. I just need to satisfy the liability question.

  3. Hi Bill: Thank you so much - the picture size I need is only 14 picas by 9 picas [6 picas are 1 inch] so this picture is big enough. Since power plants are visible from the street for everybody it shouldn't fall under any privacy concerns - particularly not in the size I want to use it - the power plant is hardly recognizable as an individual plant - but I will wait for your ok before I do anything, best, Ulrike

  4. Your probably right about the size and recognition. Use as stated. Send a pdf or jpeg of the finished piece.. I would like to see it.